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In September I blogged about Only Websites, a designed company that is getting quite the reputation for spamming.

An anonymous commenter commented on that post informed me that the “sales mangers” that we receive the emails from do not exist.

That explains why when you attempt to call “Only Websites” they are either out of the office or tied up on the phone and you are asked to leave your number.

A post on Iripoff from someone claiming to be Dan Todd reads:

“We have clients that we independent consultant that market from time-to-time and violate their terms of service. We do market to clients through email but always follow the laws and rules of the CAN-SPAM act and act accordingly.”

Today I received an email about their spam tactics from a person that wishes to remain anonymous.

Email I received below:

Only websites uses a custom built web based mass-email program that is sat up to send a set amount of emails a day (Usually about a thousand a day). This engine searches the Internet based on a keyword (ex: Hawaii Personal Injury Attorney) and harvests the email addresses it finds, then it checks a database to see if it the email already exists, if it doesn’t exist, it adds it.

There is a unsubscribe feature built into the system, but the original programmer was fired (He was a brilliant genius!), and maintenance of the harvester has gone awry. I think the issue may be that the harvester removes the email from the database entirely and it gets put back in after another harvester sweep. If they had the harvester add the removed email to a blacklist database, this problem wouldn’t exist.

Yes, they do use fake names, and the “I have redesigned your website” email is a scare tactic that usually rakes in some sales. I personally did not favor any of the calls I received from these emails.

As far as I know they are trying to be legit with their mass emails and to remove anyone who doesn’t wish to be part of it, but the companies poor business decisions and the removal of important staff members, make this a very difficult task.

I personally think they should have a web page that lets the victim remove themselves from the list using a form on a web page (Just like the big companies do, Best Buy for example). You shouldn’t have to call a company to unsubscribe from spam.

We used servers outside of the country (This is a trick that torrent trackers use to avoid US law ex: thepiratebay.org was based in sweden). On occasion the hosts would drop us due to spamming and we would just switch servers again.

Only websites has a great development team and they are a joy to work with, I just don’t approve of the business practices and sales tactics, or how management is executed.

Spamming is not the way legitimate design companies do business. We shouldn’t need to unsubscribe for something that we never subscribed to in the first place.

It’s been a couple of months since I received any spam from onlywebsites.com. Hopefully they took the hint and pissed off. I won’t hold my breath though.

In case you missed by Sept post it can be read here: Spam Harvesting Only Websites.

Have you received spam from this company?

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