Google Bizarre search terms

It’s always interesting to look through “Google Analytics” and see the search quarries used on Google, that bring visitors to my blog.

Some of the search phrases are downright bizarre.

My daughter got sprayed by a skunk.

Give her a tomato bath.

Does Rod Stewart wear nickers?

I don’t know, but I do know he designs panties. (Rod Stewart is designing panties.)

Is goofle hiring people to work from home?

I don’t know about Goofle, but I know Google is not hiring people to work from home.

I like to dress him as a woman.

Whatever floats your boat. (Talk about strange fetish.)

My wife dresses me as a woman.

I know! She just told us. You poor thing. I have to ask this. Why do you allow her to dress you as a woman?

Is it hard to aim right into the toilet for a guy to pee?

Let’s ask my male readership. Is it difficult to aim?

Is it illegal to have sex with fish?

I don’t know if it is illegal, but it’s sick. ( Hope he doesn’t use a perona.)

I need a small favor … if it’s not too much trouble.

Ok, what’s the favor?

What if the bear looked up on your toonie?
Say what?

What are some weird search engine terms people use to find your blog?

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