Bizarre – Ugly Shoes

“I said oh, no, oh, no oh, no, don’t wear those shoes.”

My daughter loves shoes. If she could afford it she would likely have a pair of shoes to match every outfit she owns. I’ve compiled a list of some really bizarre shoes that I don’t even think she would wear though.

Red Leather/Wood shoes

Can you imagine even walking in these shoes?

Source: Karo’s Shoes

pimped shoes

Fish Tank Zebra Ski Platform Shoes

Excuse me ma’am! You have a goldfish in your shoe.


Bread Shoes

If you get hungry enough you can always eat your shoes.


Cutout Wedge Sandal

Perhaps not as strange as the other shoes, but odd nonetheless. I certainly wouldn’t pay $925.00 or even the sale price of $416.00 for them.

Source: Dior cutout wedge sandals

Jean Charles De Castelbajac’s leopard court shoes come complete with tail and whiskers

Jean Charles De Castelbajac’s leopard court shoes come with a tail and whiskers.

Giuseppe Zanotti leopard print wedges

If “Jean Charles De Castelbajac’s leopard court shoes” were not strange enough how about these “Giuseppe Zanotti leopard print wedges.” (Shop Amazon for “Giuseppe Zanotti” shoes.)


Diana Broussard Tibetan goat fur boots

Ugly or weird? Is that you Chewbacca?

Source: Diana Broussard Tibet goat fur low boots via

bottle open shoes

Bottle Opener Heels

I’ll never need my hubby to open my cooler again.

Tube socks
Sanuk Women’s Tube Flops Sandals” are leg warmers and flip flop shoes combined. Now why didn’t I think of that. (Ok, my daughter would definitely wear these.)

Vibram FiveFingers Barefoot Walking Shoes

Move over Crocs, here comes “Vibram Five Finger Shoes.” (My daughter might wear these.)

Source: Amazon

For more really bizarre shoes check out “The Virtual Shoe Museum.”

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