The Anniversary of the death of my mother

Eight years ago today, I lost the person who gave me life. The anniversary of her passing is never easy. I can’t believe that it has been eight years already.

As much as I thought I was prepared for her death, I wasn’t, but then I have to wonder are we ever truly prepared to lose a loved one.

My Mom

Looking at her photograph hanging on my wall still brings tears to my eyes.

There has been times that I’ve wanted to pick up the phone and call her just to hear her voice, then I remind myself that she is really gone.

I had a wonderful relationship with my mother. I was like a bird under her wing that never let go of her apron strings.

I can recall many times spent with her that made me realize just how much she loved me. Over the course of my life I tried to show her in every way that I loved her too.

I only hope that I am as wonderful of a mother to my children as my mother was to me.

The loss of a Mother is one of the hardest things in life to endure. I miss my mother. I always will.

An Empty Chair

There is an empty chair
where my mother use to sit,
but there will never be
an empty place within my heart
for there her memory is seated.

Copyright © Rose DesRochers 2005-2009

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