Beware of plrarticleshop- They are Not selling PLR Articles

On November 8th, I blogged about some of my articles being ripped off by Peter Claridge of He has ripped of 100’s of articles from article directories and is selling them as PLR articles.

If you submit to article directories there could very well be a chance that he has ripped off one of your articles. Don’t be surprised if you find your article submitted somewhere under someone else’s name.

I have made several attempts to contact Peter Claridge via and his personal blog yet he ignores my emails.

I even tried to phone him, however the phone number he has listed in his whois is incorrect.

Copying others work and selling them with private label rights is very disturbing and copyright infringement.

If you’re recently found your articles ripped off I would love to hear about it.

In case you missed the original post it can be read here. (Mass Article Control- Ripoff- plrarticleshop)

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