Social Networking Relationships-Online Drama

Online relationships with people can be richly rewarding. They can also be extremely hurtful. I feel really hurt after reading an email today from an online acquaintance.

I had thought highly of this online acquaintance, up until today. I considered them a nice person and I enjoyed reading and commenting on their blog.

I noticed the other day that they had blocked me on Twitter. Concerned that I may have offended them in some way I sent them an email.

This acquaintance emails me today to inform me that they no longer wish to be associated with me. They said that I chase and attract drama with gusto.

I take great offense to this. I don’t seek out drama. I’ll admit that my online life isn’t completely drama free. Being the administrator of three communities, there’s always the potential for immature behavior by ex-members who violated guidelines to leak drama onto blogs and other online communities. (Sadly that drama has returned time and time again to haunt me years after it took place.)

When you administrate any large community you are bound to have the odd disagreement and even parting of bitter ways. Unfortunately the administrator is the one who ends up being criticized when things go wrong.

It is also easy for someone to forget that anyone can post all sorts of garbage on the Internet about anyone. This doesn’t mean any of it is true.

I’m also an activist. This alone can create internet drama, which was what happened here.

An individual I recently busted for copyright infringement involved one of my Twitter acquaintances in their infringement by stating they too were infringing on copyright.

Because of this, the acquaintance chose to cut ties with me. I can understand how they’d be upset over this, but it was not my fault that they got dragged into a copyright infringement complaint.

Frankly I don’t know why they were dragged into it. I also don’t think it is reason enough to say they do not wish to be associated with me. I even apologized that the infringing individual involved them in the mess.

I feel very hurt by all of this! I think I’m a good person. I stand behind what I believe in. I stand up for others, which was what I was doing when I outed this person for selling images she did not have rights to sell. I know that the entire copyright infringement didn’t involve me, but I involved myself in it.

It is like when you see someone shoplifting. Do you ignore it or do you say something about it?

This acquaintance states because we have only exchanged blog comments that I shouldn’t be effected by this. I am though!

They go on to say that “given the fact that we are not personal friends and have no relationship outside of trading a few blog comments ” that I should respect their decision. (I don’t consider more than 15 to be a few. I also do respect their decision, but I don’t agree with it. It’s not like I have a choice in the matter either as much as I would like to fix things with them.)

I can not change this person’s perspective of me, but I do feel that their choice to have no association with me wasn’t the best way or even a mature way to handle things.

I have to wonder too, what are we as a whole doing here? Isn’t blogging and networking with others via social networks like Twitter about building relationships and making new friends.

Do my regular readers not consider me to be a blogging friend?

I know I certainly enjoy the relationships I have met with my regular readers via my blog.

After reading the email this individual sent me I actually found myself crying. I don’t know why I let someones words offend me so, but I did. They manage to provoke an emotion response from me, which is very easy to do considering the circumstances taking part in my life right now.

I also don’t know why I’m sitting here now feeling obliged to defend my character all because of this person’s choice not to be associated with me.

I certainly can not change this persons perspective of me.

Ugg, maybe I shouldn’t even be making this post, but what are personal blogs for. Are they not for sharing how you feel?

I’ve got to say this to anyone who may be reading this: If you associate with anyone offline or online there is going to be some form of drama at some time, be it with a friend, family member or online acquaintance.

I know that our personal life can be hard enough and dealing with drama just adds to the stress. But, drama is a part of life. The key is to deal with the drama when it shows up. You don’t disconnect yourself from someone to avoid being part of the drama.

I have to wonder if this individual separates themselves from people as easily offline as they do online.

After all they had the gull to tell me they made an attempt to take them-self out of the way from continuing to be effected as collateral damage via my associations with others.

This acquaintance also stated that they had not spoken of their decision to cut ties with me publicly, but would if I peruse this.

Wouldn’t this not make them a hypocrite. Wouldn’t speaking of it publicly create the drama they so wished to avoid by being associated with the likes of me.

I also find all of this behavior by this acquaintance all very juvenile. What are we in grade school?

An online friend of mine once said to me “While at times you may be outspoken, you are loving and caring.”

Today is one of those days I guess I just need to remind myself that I can not change people’s perspective of me and if they wish to not be associated with me then so be it.

Life goes on, right?

You’ll notice I have not mentioned who this acquaintance (blogger) is nor do I plan to.

Moving on…………..

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