Novelty Penis Items – Etsy

Sometimes it’s fun to browse Etsy and see what people are making. From penis scarves to Willie Warmers Etsy has it all.

Keep the wind of your face this Winter with a 7 foot long penis shaped scarf.

Penis scarf

Via “rosaleendhu’s shop.”

penis chapstick holder

Who wouldn’t want to carry their chapstick in a penis shaped chapstick holder.


Willy Warmer

Guys don’t let Willie get cold this winter. Let goldiesknits knit you a Willie Warmer.

Novelty Penis Warmer
Maybe you would prefer the “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Willie Warmer” instead.


This wouldn’t be an apron you’d wear preparing Christmas dinner unless your family has a whacked sense of humor like you do. Can you guess what’s under the black circle?

(Via leapinchubb on Etsy.)

Jingle Balls Necklace

thedirtydiva is having an Etsy Holiday sale. This “Jingle Balls Necklace” can be yours for just $16.00.

I wonder if there is anything I missed.

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