Where did santa get all those elves

Have you ever wondered where Santa gets all those elves. An eight year old little girl has the answer.

I provide respite care to an eight year old little girl. She’s staying with me right now until Christmas Eve. Tonight we took her to see Santa and the Christmas lights.

On the drive home my teenage son said: “I wonder where Santa gets all his elves.”

Her reply: “Maybe Mrs. Clause has babies; 10 000 of them, and those are the elves.”

Children say the darndest things.

My husband of course told her: “Lets see after you have your first child if Mrs. Claus had 10 000 babies.”

We’re taking her to see Santa at the mall tomorrow. She says she’s going to ask Santa where he gets all his elves.

I’ll let you know if she does and Santa’s answer.

Here are some photos of the light display.


Christmas lights


Where does Santa get all those elves?

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