Body jewelry- Bejeweled Plugs for your Willie

Seeing how this blog is all about sex. Wait, that’s not right. This blog isn’t all about sex. I blog about other things too.

You want more sex. Grrrr that’s not it either or maybe it is.

Anyhow, this following product looks painful.

First there were manties. Then came mantyhose, panti-hose for men. Now comes penis plugs. (Shaking my head here in disbelief.)

I can’t believe men actually insert this into the urethra and to think I thought urinary catheterization was painful for men. I can’t even begin to imagine this.

Jeweled Clear Penis Plug

The plugs are inserted into the tip of the penis and are suppose to be sexually-stimulating. All I can think of is ouch!

If you don’t mind the pain you can have a “penis plug” professionally fitted for your penis for a little over $150.00. (Yes, I did say “professionally fitted.”)

I find it rather odd, but to each his own I guess and no offense intended for those of you who have already purchased a penis plug!

I guess if you’re into the whole S & M thing then perhaps the “penis plug” is for you.


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