House of Chaos- My Stressful life

Nothing is as simple as it seems.

I’m very stressed. You see, we started renovations on the house three weeks ago. (Who starts renovations three weeks before Christmas? This was my bright stupid idea by the way.)

First we started with the kitchen. We finished that. (Good! Kitchen looks nice too. I wasn’t sure at first about the yellow walls, but it’s growing on me now. Landlord picked the color.)

I didn’t anticipate the bathroom taking long, so I started to remove the wallpaper off the walls only to learn that the one wall needed to be rebuilt. (Landlord comes in yesterday to do that.)


New problem:

Shawn’s outside with the dogs and our neighbor below us says she has a huge pool of water in her ceiling. ( Shawn is my husband by the way. For those of you who may not have figured that out.)

After inspection we learn our toilet is leaking. The landlord calls in a plumper. The plumber removes the toilet only to find that in addition to a wax ring needing to be replaced, the flange was broken, and the leaking water had rotted out the floor under the tile. (Oh lovely!)

The plumber fixes the toilet temperately, but says they’ll have to come in after the new year to repair the floor and properly install the toilet, which wasn’t properly installed when the bathroom was first done.

So now it’s just a few days before Christmas and hubby is working like crazy to get the bathroom done. ( There is a dryer sitting in my living room and my house is torn apart. I also have three loads of laundry to get done. Laundry room is in my bathroom for any of you wondering why the dryer is in my living room.)

If things were stressful enough I’m cooking dinner tonight and the element in my stove goes.

So, I call around to several repair shops and I’m told that the element is on back order and they can’t get me one until after the holidays. ( Say what? We have to cook a turkey for Christmas. Can you microwave a turkey?)

I eventually found an element, but we had to make a 25 min drive to pick it up. (Thank goodness!)

By the time we get home I still have to feed a very hungry eight year old and prepare dinner for hubby, myself and my son.

Our new puppy doesn’t like all the chaos and is having accidents in the house. ( I have to watch where I step. “Laugh”)

The chaos at our house also doesn’t make for suitable accommodations for the child in my care, but she appears to be content and happy.

Me? I’m stressing out! I just want things back to normal, so I can enjoy Christmas with my family.

Is that too much to ask for?

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