Odd Bathroom Gadgets- Gadget Obsessed

We’ve just recently redesigned our bathroom, but you won’t find any of these strange bathroom gadgets in our washroom.

And here I thought Shower Breasts were strange.

Check out the “Shower Power” and these other strange bathroom gadgets.

You no longer need to pester your husband or significant other about putting down the toilet seat thanks to this “Self-Serve Toilet Seat.” NEORESTs lid automatically opens whenever an individual approaches it and when the individual rises, NEOREST’s lid automatically closes. The unit automatically flushes too.


Vitruvit takes sink design to a whole new level. The following sink comes from Vitruvit’s Ethnic Collection. This sink design would be something that my son would have in his house some day.

For all of you who feel like you’re ten pounds lighter after you go to the bathroom comes a toilet seat with a built-in digital scale. Designed by Haikun Deng for weight-obsessed women.

“Sex in the Shower Dual Locking Sunction Handle” for better footing and control. No more falls, concussions, slipped disks, or other shower sex injuries with Shower Power! (Not just designed for showers… Manufacturers description: “Can be used on any tile or glass surface: in the car, at the office, in a stall at a local fast food joint, anywhere you need a little extra control or balance.”)

Do you have a small bathroom? Paul Hernon had small bathrooms in mind when he designed the Vertebrae®. The Vertebrae® vertical bathroom system is the perfect solution for small space bathrooms.

I don’t know about you, but I see no point in putting a television in my bathroom. Television Mirrors from Seura are discreetly hidden when turned off. Creative or useless product?

Source: bathroomandkitchenguide.com

Just what every bathroom needs. Who could resist a giant nose soap dispenser, shooting out green shower gel from it’s nostril. One look at this and the word gross comes to mind.

Via potpourrigift.com

Scare your child with this “Interactive Toilet (ITOI).”

Tee Time Toilet

When I go to the bathroom the last thing I want to do is play golf.

(Tee Time Toilet Potty Puter, For that person in your life that takes their time. Via Amazon)

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