Bickering in the Blogosphere- Drama

When did the blogosphere become like high school all over again? Lately many blogs have become a platform for name calling and bickering. It has taken me back to my high school days when students were forming cliques picking on one another.

I wasn’t in a clique then and I don’t wish to be part of one now.

I want people to come to my blog, because they find me interesting. I don’t want them to visit because I pissed off some blogger or because I’m part of some blogging clique.

I openly admit that I blog about controversial issues, but I try to refrain from making my blog a place for pointless arguing. I also don’t use controversy as a means of generating traffic. (State your opinion and move on.)

It is okay to disagree with a blogger, but for goodness sake, do it in a way that shows a level of maturity.

When a debate resorts to name calling the person doing the name calling loses all credibility.

You have to ask yourself is this really traffic that you want? Do you want a readership that lives for chaos? (I sure don’t!)

While you may draw people to your blog with your post, you can also scare away readers with the drama and arguing.

Many of us already have enough drama in our daily lives that we don’t need the drama and stress that online activity can bring.

When you buy into other people’s drama you can end up creating drama for yourself that you really don’t need.

There will always be misunderstandings in the blogophere. Sometimes we need to stop and really think is this really blog worthy of ranting about or should we just forget about it and move on.

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