Google FeedBurner-Subscribers-Where are you

Google acquired FeedBurner.

Where did this happen?

Were you subscribed to my blog via Feedburner? If you were you may need to re-subscribe to my RSS feed if you wish to continue receiving updates.

I wasn’t aware that Google acquired Feedburner. (Where have I been?) Maybe I was, but my memory slipping. Anyhow, I had to move things over to Google and Google was being rather stubborn not accepting my Feedburner password.

Long story short: I had to burn a new feed.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you previously weren’t a subscriber of my blog, but wish to subscribe, simply click on the following link:Subscribe via Feedburner. If you prefer to subscribe via email, simply click on the “Subscribe by Email” link in my sidebar.

Fyi: If you irritated by short feeds then you may not wish to subscribe as I publish my feeds on short. I have heard all the arguments why I should publish on full feeds and I’m not willing to switch, so no debates please.

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