Google Pagerank- Little Value

The Google PageRank Toolbar has again been updated. Do I care how my blog and websites ranked? Nope! I gave up worrying about Pagerank a long time ago. It was right around the time Google took its stand on paid links.

It’s hard to believe that I use to be a person that made such a fuss about Pagerank.

High Google PageRank does not guarantee good search engine placement. Pagerank is not used by Google to determine your rankings for keywords.

Therefore, PR should not be the focus of your optimization efforts.

Your best course of action is to focus on your keywords and writing for your audience and less on PR.

This blog ranks well in SERP’s (search engine result pages) for several keywords. My main referrer of traffic is Google.

It may be an old cliche saying, but content is king.

What about advertising?

Well, from an advertising stand point, advertiser no longer look at just Pagerank. Advertisers in the past have approached me with an interest in advertising on one of my sites not for it’s ranking, but for the traffic the website generates.

What’s Google take on Pagerank? Quoting from the Google FAQ page:

“Don’t worry. In fact, don’t bother thinking about it.”

“Pagerank is just one of over 200 signals that can affect how your site is crawled, indexed and ranked.”

So if you’re one of those bloggers who got bent all out of shape because your PR declined, don’t worry. In fact, don’t bother thinking about it.

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