How to lose me as a Twitter follower

There are a few ways that you can lose me as a follower on Twitter.

As an avid user of Twitter let me tell you one way to loose me as a follower is to send me a DM requesting that I retreat everything you post on your blog.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with asking me to RT the odd thing from time to time, but constantly bombarding my DM box with requests is selfish and annoying.

Having said that I politely asked someone to stop doing this and he unfollowed me. Ironic isn’t it? (Someone told me that he may be using a service that DM’s everyone. Service or no service it’s annoying.)


If someone takes the time to reply to you on Twitter the lease you could do is acknowledge them. Remember Twitter is about forming relationships. Hello, I’m out there in twitterville talking to you. Do you read me?

Another pet peeve is: Over Promoting. If all you do is promote your website and never engage with your followers then you’ll be losing me as a follower. This goes for Retweeting your own posts.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no issue with people promoting their website or blog. Even I do it, but please do it in moderation.

 Lorielle Obsessed

The same can be said if you’re passionate obsessed about something or someone. Don’t push the subject!

I know you won’t lose sleep if you lose me as a follower. But think about this: If you’re pissing me off you might be upsetting your other followers too.

What annoys you on Twitter? Let me know so I can refrain from doing it.

Update: Apparently the entire DM thing was caused by some auto-DM feature application. Advice: Don’t use Twitter Tools that DM’s your affiliate links or blog links to all your twitter followers. (It may piss them off and cause you to lose followers you don’t want to lose.

Also there is a mass unfollow bug making its rounds on Twitter. That was the reason behind the unfollow. Nice to know I wasn’t unfollowed because of my request.

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