Twitter Etiquette

Today I took a long look at myself and told myself that my Twitter etiquette could be improved.

What we say on Twitter is visible to every one of our followers. Keep that in mind!

With that said arguing with both Twitter and Blogging acquaintances can be tempting, but it’s not something I recommend anyone do.

Some things are just left best unsaid.
Arguing on Twitter is inappropriate etiquette.

You???re having a bad day, someone says something that offends you, they misunderstand something you’ve written in blog comment and begin to attack you and before you know it you find yourself in a blogging feud. That feud then gets moved to Twitter and now you’ve begun to engage in a Twitter feud.

Depending on that persons follower list the potential for harm can be great especially if they get involved or maybe they don’t get involved. Instead maybe they’ll just vote you off Twitter by giving you the cold shoulder.

Do you remember high-school when there were cliques? One moment you could be part of the clique, but have a disagreement with one of the cool kids and see how fast you’re kicked out of the clique.

Social networking operates in much the same manner. One moment you can be in and the next moment you can be on the sidelines watching.

I had a recent spat myself with someone via Twitter. It was all caused, because I left a comment on a Blog post about my experience with Bluehost. The blogger was an affiliate of BlueHost and took great offense to my negativity of the company.

Some people have a hard time tolerating different opinions. Before you know it your comment deteriorates into a bloggging feud thus sidetracking from the original topic of the post.

When this happens sometimes the best response is no response. When you allow yourself to be provoked into an emotional response like I did you are allowing that individual to get the better of you.

In the heat of an argument we too often say things we later regret, things which can not be unsaid.

Because of the public nature of Twitter, everyone who was following me last night was able to track my “conversation.”

I’d like to think I’m a mature and civilized individual, but last night I did not behave like one.

I’ve recently developed a sense of what to do and what not to do on Twitter.

1.Share too much of my personal life.
2. Argue on Twitter. ( I need to keep any personal disagreement out of Twitter.)

I’d like to apologize to the 600 + people following me via Twitter who saw my conversation last night with this person in their stream.

I’m well aware you’re not following me to see me lose my temper.

For that I do apologize.

Today is a new day. I hope you will allow me to start over with a clean slate.

Pass the chalk!

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