A Pretty Woman Shopping Experience

Today I had a “Pretty Woman” shopping experience. Talk about unpleasant!

You remember the 1990 movie Pretty Woman don’t you? If you’ve never seen it I recommend renting it. Great movie!

Anyhow, in the movie, a snobby saleslady refuses to sell clothes to
Vivian (played by Julia Roberts), because she is dressed like a prostitute.

Later Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) dressed head to toe in designer clothes returns to the store.

Scene goes like this:

“I was in here yesterday,” says Vivian to the snobby sales lady. “You wouldn’t wait on me. You people work on commission, right?” The clerk mumbles yeah. “Big mistake. Big. Huge. I have to go shopping now,” says Vivian.

With that Vivian, leaves the store with loads of shopping bags in hand.

Love that scene!

Today I suddenly felt like Vivian in Pretty Woman and no I was not dressed like a prostitute. “Laugh”

However, I did feel like I was judged based on my appearance.

I look like the average every day working class mom. Today, I’m was wearing a pretty red blouse and jeans. (Casual attire! I looked good!)

We went into a jewelry store to purchase my son a ring for his 16th birthday. The saleslady was very polite and helpful. We told her that we’d bring my son back in after school to pick out a ring and to get his finger sized.

When we went in after dinner and the assistant manager assisted us. Nice saleslady was no longer working!

The assistant manager was rude, and a snob. She possessed this attitude like she thought there was nothing in the store we could afford. (Hello? I have money to spend!)

We ended up leaving the store without the ring. I felt like going elsewhere, but because it’s the ring my son really wants I’ll return when she’s not working.

I guess we have all come across that snooty sales person at one time or another in our shopping experience.

It isn’t right though. No one should ever be made to feel like they don’t belong in a store.

Does anyone else have a bad customer service story to share?

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