Outrageous Bras

Products just keep getting stranger.  If  buying a good bra wasn’t difficult enough now comes some really strange, outrageous bras that I’m not too sure what to make of.

You probably won’t see these bras in a Victoria’s Secret’s catalog any time soon.

Ladies do you want bigger breast? Forget implants, because there is now an inflatable bra called “She’s Mine,” that allows you to pump up your breasts to whatever size you want.

The “She’s Mine bra” is designed with a contoured pad at the base of each cup that goes up a size when pushed,


This bra can go up in three sizes: B, C and D. The D size is the recommended party setting.

Via thestar.com

Heated bra

If you live in Canada like I do this bra might come in handy. It’s a heated bra that contains gel, to be put in the microwave. Now mind you if you heat them too long you might burn your bobbies.

(Via BBC news)

Chopstick Bra

Speaking of strange bras: Let me introduce you all to the Chopstick Bra. The Chopstick bra was created by lingerie-maker Triumph International Japan to promote the use of reusable chopsticks.

The candy bra

The candy necklace of our childhood has been upgraded to a Candy bra that you can wear. You can even purchase a matching candy g-string.

(Via seriouseats.com)

Spikey Bra

Looking to get your point across? These spikey bras designed by Laurie Jacobs may do just that.

(Via spikybras.com)

Pinch Bra

Behold “Bras That Pinch.” From the Laura Jacobs Wallflower collection.

(Via laurasaura.com)

golf bra

How about a bra that doubles as a golf putting mat? Designed by Triumph International Japan.

(via gizmodo.com)

Steampunk Metal Bra

This Steampunk Metal Bra sells for $160.00 on Etsy. Made by brooksbot75, the metal bra guy.

Designed by Venus In Chains this Crystal Chainmaille Spider Bra retails for $200.00 USD. (Via Etsy.com)

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching why not buy your significant other a bra of chocolate designed by Austrian designer Reinlinde Trummer.

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The bra has certainly come a long way.

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