Weird Underwear for Men

Underwear styles have certainly changed. This selection of men’s underwear certainly isn’t your typical Fruit of the Loom briefs.

Sac Free Underwear


Designed in Germany Sacfree underwear makes your sac free! Now you can let your boys get some air.

Looks uncomfortable to me.


A bra for your balls.

ball bra
The ball bra lifts your boys. Each wearer can make the decision to leave the penis free, or to tuck it away within the Ballbra pouch.


Under-Ease, the anti-flatulence underwear
Toxic underwear

“Under-Ease” is an air-tight underwear that contains a charcoal filter, that filters the small of gass.

 Flat Butts

Men do you have a flat butt? No need to worry any more. There’s a solution to that flat butt. Buy “Flashback” Butt Lifting underwear.

You can even purchase a pair of Bubble Butt Underwear with Frontal Enhancement


Samurai Underwear

These are ugly! Quoting from the website: “Feel more powerful and confident wearing Samurai Underwear. Called “shoubu pants” in Japan, these samurai armor underwear are worn for special occasions.”


No-Wash Underwear

Rob Libfeld, a medical student at the University of Massachusetts, invented no-wash underwear. No wash underwear will hide all stains and eliminate the embarrassment of skid marks. (Laughing hysterically as I typed that.)

(Purchase at


Brief Jerky is NOT for consumption.
I like beef jerky as much as the next person, but underwear made of beef jerky? Come on now! Quoting from page: “Brief Jerky is NOT for consumption.” That’s god to know.

(Via etsy.)

I saw these and the first thing that came to mind was “Me Tarzan. You Jane.”

Tarzan Thong

(Male Power Tarzan Thong via Amazon)

Anne wants to know if you’d wear these Batman underwear? Surf on over and let her know.

So, what do you think of this line of men’s underwear? Let the comments begin.

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