Coca-cola a migraine headache remedy

Do you have a migraine? Have a coke! Most people think I’m crazy when I tell them that ironically drinking a bottle of coke-cola actually rids me of a migraine.

I have been suffering from migraine headache for a number of years. I was once on medication for my migraines. My headaches are thankfully not as bad as they once was.

Now, drinking a bottle of ice cold coke-cola along with taking two Advil tablets helps with the migraine pain at the onset of my migraine.

Quoting from an article written by Heather L. Robertson:

“Did you know that caffeine was once used as a treatment for headaches? Having a coca-cola when your headache first starts can help suppress a headache by its blood constricting properties.”

Full article at Caffeine Headaches

The caffeine is coke-cola is able to shrink your dilated blood vessels – the source of the uncomfortable throbbing pain.

The next time you feel a migraine coming on, drink a can of coke-cola.

Coca-cola- a migraine headache remedy!

Coca cola

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