Anti-Valentine Gifts

Valentine’s Day is just 27 days away, but for some the day isn’t all about hearts and roses. Many people actually dread Valentine’s Day.

For those despising the holiday one can purchase Anti-Valentine’s Day t-shirts, buttons, candy, anti Valentine’s Day greeting cards and other Anti-Valentine gifts.

Anti-Valentine’s merchandise is just one way to express your disapproval of the day.

Voodoo Doll Ex Wife

Have you recently gone through a divorce? Still peeved at your X-wife? Why not buy a X-Wife Voodoo Doll.

The Ex Knife Holder

The Ex 5-Piece Stainless-Steel Knife Set with Unique Holder, Red

Have this sitting on the kitchen counter when he comes to pick up the kids for his weekend of visitation.

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Mini Grumpy Valentine’s Day Pals


Each Valentine pal is holding a sign letting you know that this Valentine’s Day they are on strike.

grumpy stuff


For the person who has recently been dumped.

Tell them that you don’t really give a flying F#*K with the Flying F#*K Helicopter.

The Flying F#*K is a fully remote controlled flying word. The Flying F#*K is made by Thumbs Up.

Love Stinks Soap

The perfect soap for that long relaxing bubble bath.


Hangman Purse

They hung cupid. I Defy You, Heartman – Hang Man Purse/Bag by worthysoycandles on Etsy.

Did he break your heart? Why not burn a scented Ex Boyfriends in Hell Candle this Valentine.

Send your ex-girlfriend some dead roses from

Are you looking forward to Valentine’s Day or dreading it?

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Love stinks

Purchase “Smellvin the Skunk from Amazon

Download the Anti-Valentine’s Song by Hunzer B from Amazon.

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