Bizarre Underwear for Women

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. If you don’t know what to get that special man in your life, why not send him a Pantygram and leave him smiling.

Speaking of panties, there is certainly some bizarre underwear designs on the market. Nowadays you can purchase everything from disposable thongs to light up lingerie.


Send him a sexy little red panty with a message from you for Valentine’s Day.


Panties made from aluminum cans. I don’t imagine these would be very comfortable.


Ass Bra

Double-O Push-Up Thong helps give your butt a lift. Also called the ass bra.

Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Panty Tiger

The Remote control vibrating panty provides discreet hands-free stimulation.

French brand Luxx has came out with these love note panties that comes with a holster to hold steamy messages.

(Available at

Light  up thong

Janet Hansen of Enlighted Designs gets a lot of inquiries for lighted panties, thongs, g-strings, hotpants, boxers, briefs, and other undergarments so she created light up panties.

Lighted Underwear

First we have glo underwear and now we have LED underwear by Puff-Buff.

Username Password Boy Brief Panties

Send a clear message to the geek in your life with these boy brief panties.



Anti-panti is an adhesive backed disc that sticks to the inside of your jeans and eliminates the need to wear underwear. Looks like pantyliners to me.



Don’t want to wash your underwear? OneDerWear disposable underwear is the answer.


C String

We’ve all heard of G-Strings! Now there is C-strings. I blogged about C-strings at C-String Invisible Underwear where I asked my female readers if they’d wear the C-string.

Scratch & sniff underwear

You all remember scratch and sniff t-shirts don’t you? Well now you can buy scratch and sniff underwear.


Darling Nikki collection - zipper panties
Zipper panties for easy back end access!

(Via Darling Nikki on Etsy.)


iGroove Panty for iPod Nano – Women’s panties that come complete with an iPod nano-sized pouch.

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