Hello Kitty Phenomena

There’s a Hello Kitty obsession that seems to be sweeping the nation. The latest opening of a Hello Kitty Hospital has me shaking my head. I just don’t understand the phenomenon that is Hello Kitty.

Once upon a time there was a little girl who adored Hello Kitty.

Her mommy decorated her bedroom with a Hello Kitty theme.

Hello Kitty Bed

(Source:Hello Kitty and Friends Toddler Set)

As the years passed by and she grew into a teen, her love for Hello Kitty also grew.

Hello Kitty Car

When she turned 16 her parents bought her a Princess Kitty Mitsubishi. ( Hello Kitty Car Source Autoblog.com)

When she turned 19 she celebrated her 19th birthday with some friends. Her drink of choice was Hello Kitty Beer of course.

( Source: Beck Goes Pink)

Fast Forward two years.


She got a job as a receptionist. Everything in her office was Hello-Kitty-lized. Even the paper shredder had Hello Kitty on it.

Fast forward 5 years.

She met a man who too was a Hello Kitty fanatic. She of course didn’t know this on their first meeting. It wasn’t until one night of hot passion did he reveal to her that he too had a love for Hello Kitty.

Hello kitty underwear

After a very short courtship the two got married.

As an avid Hello Kitty fan her friends all through her a Hello Kitty Bridal Shower.

Hello Kitty Wedding Dress

On her wedding day she wore a pink Hello Kitty Wedding Dress. (Source Mspink.net)


With her wedding dress she wore a Hello Kitty Tiara, which she purchased from tarinatarantino.com.

Hello Kitty Wedding Rings

After they said their vows they exchanged matching Hello Kitty wedding rings.

(Source sanrio.jp)

The rings were carried by the ring bearer on a Hello Kitty ring bearer pillow.

ring bearer pillow


Hello Kitty wine was served at the reception.


Later at the reception she tossed her Hello Kitty wedding bouquet.

They of course had a Hello Kitty Wedding.

For their honeymoon they checked into The Hello Kitty S&M Love Hotel Room. (See themorningnews.org… Ok, she had some strange fetishes.)

The next day they visited Harmonyland, a theme park based on her most favored child character Hello Kitty.

After her honeymoon her and her husband returned home and they moved from her tiny Hello Kitty Apartment into the Hello Kitty Castle.

One night her and her husband were having sex and the Hello Kitty Condom broke.

(Looks like Hello Kitty lollipops.)

Nine months later she gave birth to a little girl at the Hello Kitty Hospital where everything from blankets to birth certificates and uniforms worn by staff, is emblazoned with Hello Kitty. (Hello Kitty Hospital Photos)

Hello Kitty Computer

Her husband turned the Hello Kitty Computer room into a Hello Kitty nursery.

Hello Kitty Computer via moneual.co.kr

Hello Kitty Nursery

And they lived happily ever after in their Hello Kitty dream world.

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