Unique Gifts for Your Valentine‎

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! To help you get ready for Valentine’s Day I have compiled a list of unique gift ideas.

Heart USB Drive

Forget roses. Buy her a Heart-Shaped USB Flash Drive. Nothing says I love you like 2GB of storage.

Heart Hand Warmer

Keep her hands warm this winter with the Heart Hand Warmer. You can pop the heart hand warmer in the fridge for a few hours and use it as a cooling pack too!

Sonic Boom Love Clock with Bed Shaker

Is your significant other always late for work? Get them the “Sonic Boom Love Clock with Bed Shaker.”

Just slip it under their mattress and they will never be late for work again. You can also turn off the alarm and let it just vibrate the bed. (Kinky)

Boyfriend Body Pillow

For the single ladies spending Valentine’s Day alone I give you the Boyfriend Body Pillow.

2 Carat Ring Cup

Is your girlfriend nagging you about getting married? Get her an Engagement Ring Mug.

(Source baronbob.com)

heart bubble gun

The Love Bubble Blaster blows little heart shaped bubbles. How sweet.

Source: dannabananas.com


For you single men spending Valentine’s Day alone you can always purchase Roxxxy. If money is an issue consider the inflatable wife.

Treat your hubby/ boyfriend to some clean fun with the Wiener Cleaner Soap.

Is your wife stressed? I know I am. Give her the beating heart stress relief pillow.

Via thinkgeek.com

diamon ring keychain

Can’t afford to buy her a diamond ring? Get her a diamond ring key-chain.


Forget roses. Get her a bouquet of cookies.


Connect Mr. Perfect to your computer and have him send nice or cheeky messages to you all day long. You can customize Mr. Perfect with a picture of your Mr. Perfect.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

What are you getting your Valentine for Valentines Day?

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