Novelty Gifts for adults

The following blog post contains material of an adult nature and is not recommended for children or adults easily offended.

As children, we spent endless hours playing with toys. Do you remember the toys that you played with as a child? Well these are not the toys that you played with as a child.

Think of them as toys for adults.
These toys will either get you drunk, make you horny or get you all twisted up.

Designer Beaver

The Designer Beaver Magnetic Drawing Board is a parody of the classic magnetic toy.

Shocking Autopsy Novelty Adult Game

Shocking Autopsy is a lot like the classic game Operation accept you’re the one that gets buzzed.

(Shocking Autopsy is a novelty item and is not intended to be used as a toy.)

Weenie baby

Beanie Babies were such a craze in the 90’s, but this is not your typical Beanie baby. It’s a Weenie Baby.


Do you remember the board game Twister? Well now you can play Twister amongst the sheets.

Sex Dominoes
Liven up your evening by playing some sex dominoes.


Cocktail-Opoly is like the classic monopoly game, but with a cocktail theme.

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