Scribnia- Blog Directory

Scribnia is a new blog directory/online community for writers and bloggers still currently in public beta.

Scribnia isn’t like your typical blog directory. Scribnia allows you to rate and review your favorite (and least favorite) writers/bloggers and discover new authors that match your tastes.


Bloggers can install the scribnia widget to enable their readership to rate their blog. Adding the Scribnia widget to your blog will also show off your Scribnia rank to your readers. There are four Scribnia widgets that you can choose from.

When you sign up with Scribnia , if another user hasn’t already added you as a writer to the site, you can add yourself.

In order to add yourself or any other author to the site you must be published online. You must also be associated with a publication. A publication can range from a website to a blog.

(Feel free to review me- Rose DesRochers)

You can also add your own favorite writers/bloggers to the site.

Add Author

A new writer is usually approved within 24 hours by one of Scribnia’s team members. This is to ensure all the writers on the website are legit.

Scribnia gives authors various areas of exposure on the website.

The writer that has gained the biggest number of readers is spotlighted in the “Author of the Day” section.

There is also a section of the site called “Hot on Scribnia,” which is a list of authors whose ratings have improved the most during the week as well a section entitled ” Cold on Scribnia,” which is a list of authors whose ratings have dropped the most during the week.

Scribnia also gives you the option to tweet your reviews to Twitter.

Tweet this review

Reviewing other Writers

Scribnia lets you search through thousands of bloggers, reporters, and columnists. The site gives you author recommendations based on your reviews, but before you can get personalized recommendations you must rate at least five users.

Everyone is rated based on a sliding scale.

Rating scale


Any blogger can claim a profile by adding a code snippet to their blog/website.

Concerns of Scribnia

My biggest concern with the website was with bloggers perhaps abusing the system. I thought it would be an easy platform for competitors to offer negative fake reviews. I asked David Spinks community and project manager of Scribnia about this.

David says “We handle abuse through our flag system. Any user can flag any review. All flagged reviews are reviewed by a member of our team. If there is a sign of abuse, we remove the review. The credibility of reviews on our site is extremely important to us and we take it very seriously.”

If you decide to join Scribnia, be sure to follow me (RoseDesRochers) so that you can see all my reviews and ratings.

Are you already signed up at Scribnia?

Who is your favorite blogger? There are probably a few bloggers who influence you more than others. Who is your blogging mentor?

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