Hi Im-Social Networking Page

Hi.Im is a very new service that allows you to feature your latest content from your favorite social networking sites all on one handy social landing profile page.

Hi, I’m was built by the Koombea team (koombea.com) in only 48 hours for the Rails Rumble competition that ended in Aug of 2009 .


Once you sign up, Hi, I’m lets you set up a page on the hi.im domain.

Ex: http://hi.im/rosedesrochers

Hi.Im supports -Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FriendFeed, YouTube and many other services.

Your Hi, I’m page updates whenever you post on any of your networks.

Hi.Im also has a share tab that makes it easy for you to share your Hi, I’m page with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

Hi.Im can be useful as it allows you to includes the various social networks you belong to on one page.

I did notice that Hi.Im didn’t pick up my blog feed, but Ryan Kuder co-founder of Hi.Im commented via Twitter that Hi.Im is still in beta and not quite a full fledged project so hopefully this will be a bug that will be worked out.

If you don’t have a Hi, I’m page why not sign up today. Create your Hi, I’m page.

Hi, I’m Rose DesRochers.

The only draw back for younger users is that you must be 18 years or older to use the service.

Follow @hiimapp on Twitter.

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