Why People use Twitter

Understanding the infatuation with Twitter

Don from tdbellenterprises.com like most non Twitter users doesn’t understand the infatuation around Twitter.

When I first joined Twitter in 2007, I wasn’t impressed with it. I didn’t see the value in Twitter. The day-to-day posting of what I was doing didn’t hold much interest to me.

Now four years later I realize that apart from Twitter being a great resource for information, many people use Twitter as a socializing platform and a marketing Tool.

Like any other social network, Twitter is a great place to connect with like minded people. It can be used to establish relationships with people in your niche. Some businesses even use Twitter to find potential customers.

I asked several Twitter users why they used Twitter and is what they had to say:

(@Kristen_Howe) Kristen Howe says…

“It’s a great way to network, meet new people and make new friends.” She also finds it useful as she is able to become a fan of her favorite author and keep up to date with what they are doing,” says Kristen.

Lara Galloway, The Mom Biz Coach uses Twitter for learning, visiting with friends, marketing, following up with clients and support. (@mombizcoach)

Justin (@DragonBlogger) uses Twitter to engage with his audience, He also get some good helpful answers to his questions and enjoys sharing information. Justin is author of the Random Twitter Poetry game where he asks his followers to contribute a word he then takes all the words contributed and turns them into a poem. For Justin Twitter is a valuable source of inspiration.

Chris started using Twitter because he needed to learn about it for work. Now he uses it to connect with people who have similar interests as him. (@ChrisPFlorida)

Jen from RogueCollars.com uses Twitter for several reasons. She uses Twitter to follow comedians and celebrities for entertainment purposes, to make connections and advertise for her Etsy shop, to follow other crafters and Etsiers and to follow others who post about dogs/dog items for both entertainment and educational purposes. (@RogueCollars)

Author Bobby Nash uses Twitter for self-promotion and marketing. (@bobbynash)

“I use Twitter for PR, marketing, chatting with friends and fans, meeting new people, and to talk about my upcoming books,” says Nash.

Award winning author Mark David Gerson also uses Twitter for self-promotion and marketing. (@markdavidgerson)

“Twitter is a way of connecting with other writers, which is nice as a writer, but important as writing coach and author of a book about writings,” says Mark.

Milton Ramirez (@tonnet) uses Twitter to share information and resources with other people.

David Spinks uses is for both business and pleasure.

Twitter helps me connect with other professionals that I never would have had access to. I use it to learn from others thoughts and experiences. It opens up a world of opportunities for my career. I love connecting with other people and learning about them. In a nutshell, twitter keeps me in the loop, says David. (@DavidSpinks)

Lorelle Vanfossen (@lorelleonwp) uses Twitter for professional reasons.

I use Twitter, because people expect my services to be accessible there. Customer support through Twitter is not just expected, but depended upon. I track keywords and companies I work with on Twitter, so I can reach out beyond direct communication to join other conversations, ask questions, and gather more information and build relationships outside my little sandbox,” says Vanfossen.

Hans Karl a composer of film and instrumental music uses Twitter to connect with friends and for business. (@Hans_Karl)

Katy has a differ reason for using Twitter. (@kaydubby)

“I use Twitter so I’m not that obnoxious person on Facebook who changes their status to crap no one cares about every 5 minutes,” says Katy.

If you still don’t get Twitter after reading this, and if this doesn’t convince you to give Twitter a try then I’m not sure what will.

Do you have anything to add? Why do you use Twitter?

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