Artificial foreskin- Senslip

The following blog post contains material of a mature theme and is not recommended for children or adults easily offended.

While browsing the net today Roger Green, a regular reader of this blog came across a product that he knew I would want to share with my readers.

Thank you Roger for bringing my attention to the SenSlip.

Were you circumcised as a baby? Senslip might be your solution. SenSlip attempts to restore the shield you were born with.

“SenSlip”, developed by Viafin-Atlas is an artificial retractable foreskin for circumcised men.

Senslip, Artificial Foreskin

The website claims that “SenSlip will help restore the sensitivity of the penis, and protect the glans from the dryness and chafing caused by constant exposure to, and rubbing against, clothing.”

SenSlip artificial foreskins are available in 11 different sizes.

“Put it on in the morning and take it off at night.”

Please note: “The SenSlip is not to be used for penetration. The SenSlip is not a sex toy.”

The product also contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.

You can try the SenSlip Experience for Just $29.00 via

Sometimes, there just are no words.

(Thanks Roger.)

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