Artificial Virginity Hymen

Today women are reclaiming their virginity by becoming born-again virgins.

A born-again virgin is an individual who has previously engaged in sexual intercourse, but is now-celibate.

Now women who are born again can go one step further to having the feeling of their first time with the artificial virginity hymen.

When inserted into the vagina the artificial hymen expands a little to make you feel tight. When penetrated it oozes out a liquid that look like blood.

Artificial Virginity

Ladies you can be born again for just $29.90.

(On a serious note: There is nothing wrong with abstaining from sex, however there is something seriously wrong with a fake hymen.)

The Artificial Virginity Hymen kit is distributed by the Chinese company Gigimo and was allegedly designed to help newly married women in the Middle East who are not virgins fool their husbands into believing they are.

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