Ladybag Pocket Urinal for Women

Ladies have you ever gone for a long Sunday drive and had the need to pee, but been no where near a toilet. Well now comes a solution to that problem.

A German company designed the world’s first pocket urinal for women. I kid you not. Allow me to introduce you to “The Ladybag.”

The Ladybag is a plastic bag fitted with absorbent polymers that turn urine into a gel.

Lady Bag

The ladybag can absorb up to 700 milliliters of urine. It comes with a handle in addition a moist towelette for clean up. You can use ladybag® while standing, sitting or squatting.

Eva Tinter, inventor of The Ladybag invented the Roadbag for men in 2007.

Question for the ladies,: Would you use the Ladybag urinal?


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