Choosing a Window Box

With April less than a month away it might be time to think about getting your home ready for spring. With April showers comes May flowers.

A window box is an attractive way to display your flowers and add beauty to your home. Windowbox Planters has several eye-pleasing window boxes to choose from.

Browse their large collection of wooden, metal, fiberglass, and vinyl window boxes and make a selection that matches your window planting style.

If you currently live in an apartment, then these window boxes planters may be your solution.

window box

The Nantucket Sub-Irrigated 36 Inch Curved Window Box offers an alternative to the classic window planter.

Metal iron flower window boxes offer an antique look to your home.

Carolina Window Planters with Stand

The Carolina Planter with Stand is a perfect addition to a deck or balcony.

Personally I find the window boxes from a tad pricey, but they do offer some really nice designs.

Windowbox planters accepts Pay Pal and offers free shipping on all of their window boxes. This is a plus in my book.

Anyhow, check out their website and let me know what you think.

Are you ready for the nicer weather?

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