Canadian Sex offenders on FaceBook

A sex offender should not be on Facebook. In fact their terms even state: “You will not use Facebook if you are a convicted sex offender.”

If the sex offender is a US citizen you can report them to Facebook. If they are a Canadian citizen reporting them isn’t so easy.

There is a link in the Facebook help center that says “Report a sex offender.” It requests that one provide the web address (URL) of a sex offender registry listing.

In Canada, there is no url to provide, because the public does not have access to Canada’s National Sex Offender Registry.

Because Canada’s federal government has not publicly released the names of registered sex offenders, offenders are able to create accounts on social networking sites like Facebook and go undetected.

Canada needs a tougher sex offender registry. As a Canadian I wish we had a similar system to what the United States has.

Your thoughts: Should the National Sex Offender Registry in Canada be made public?

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