Earthquake shakes Ontario

Folks in the US are more and likely laughing at the 5.5 (5.0) earthquake that shook across Ontario and Quebec today.

Twitter was abuzz with some saying they felt the earth rumble and others reporting they didn’t feel a thing. (After-all earthquakes don’t happen very often here in Ontario, so it was sort of a big thing.)

I was in bed when it happen, so I of course slept right through it.

I have a friend who lives in Toronto. She was out shopping when it happen. She said that she didn’t feel a thing either.

Now the town of Midland, Ont which is about 3 hours and 30 min from me has declared a state of emergency after a tornado touched down.

A tornado watch is also in effect for my area too, but so far nothing.

Though my son is spending the night about 25 min from where we live at a friend’s house and he reports it’s getting windy out there and there is some lightening happening. (Nothing too severe yet though.)

This certainly is crazy weather we are having! Mother Nature must not be happy with us.

So, did you feel the earthquake?

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