Guest Blogging Spam

There is a different kind of spam circulating the net ending up in in-boxes. It’s called guest blogging spam.

The other day I received an interesting email from Suzanne Ault who claims to be a reader of this very blog.

She said in her email that my blog was one of her favorite reads on the web. Automatically red flags went up as the email felt very impersonal. I also don’t recall anyone by that name ever commenting on my blog.

If my blog was one of her favorites, then you’d think at some point she would have commented on something I wrote. (Maybe she’s just a lurker, though I highly doubt it.)

She wanted to offer me a guest article related to the most common questions related to diabetes and a sample recipe. Suzanne Ault is the author of a diabetic recipe blog.

Now I’m all for educating the public about diabetes. After all, my Mother died from the terrible disease. I might have been inclined to take Susan up on her offer had she not lied in her email about being a regular reader of my blog. (The email was perhaps auto generated.)

A Google search turned up several blogs, of bloggers who also received the email from Suzanne.

This reminds me of the generated link exchange requests I have received over the years.

Apparently guest blogging spam is becoming more common. Ann Smarty has a detailed post about this on her blog,where she discusses the signs of guest post spam.

See “Guest Blogging Spam – Please Don’t!”

Have you received any guest post spam emails? What are your thoughts on guest blogging spam as a way of bloggers generating links back to their blog?

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