20th Birthday

Celebrating 20 Years

One year ago today I became a mother. My original due date was July 4th, but I went into labor on July 5th. Go figure she’d be late making her entry into the world.

Today is not only the anniversary of the day my daughter was born and the day I became a mother, but it is a day to celebrate life.

As I blogged about on my daughter’s 18 birthday, labor for my daughter did not go all smoothly.

I had placental abruption, which is where the placenta separates from the uterus. Both my daughter and I almost died during child birth.

So today not only do I celebrate my daughter’s birthday, but I celebrate life.

My Daughter

Happy 20th Birthday to my beautiful daughter. I couldn’t let today pass by without telling everyone I’m the mother of a 20 year old. (I wasn’t feeling old until I became the mother of a 20 year old.)

I’m going to be cliche and ask where does time go? Again, I’m the mother of a 20 year old.

To those of you with small children if I can give you any advice at all today it’s this: Don’t blink because the moment that you do; they are an adult starting a life of their own and you are blogging about how you are the parent of a 20 year old. Yikes!

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