Dinner and the Movies

As you know my daughter turned 20 yesterday. We are throwing a birthday barbecue bash on the weekend for her. At this point we plan on having about 8 guests. Nothing too big.

However, yesterday we could not let the day go unnoticed, so we headed to the local Walmart and picked her up a birthday cake. Then we dropped by Subway and picked up some subs for dinner.

Then we stopped at Rogers Video and rented The Crazies, Flicka 2 and Good Hair.

Here is just a quick review of the movies we watched.

The Crazies

Directed by Breck Eisner, ‘The Crazies’ is a 2010 remake of a 1973 George Romero movie.

A mysterious virus is injected into the water supply of a small Iowa town that turns the towns people into violent killers.

I found ‘The Crazies’ to be more a thriller than a horror movie. Nonetheless, I didn’t get bored with the movie and there were a few scares that made me jump. Overall, I liked the movie and I would recommend it as a rental.

Have you seen The Crazies?

Next on the list was Good Hair:

I don’t know what my daughter was thinking when she rented ‘Good Hair.’ I’m guessing she thought it was a comedy.

Good Hair is not a comedy movie. Instead ‘Good Hair’ is a comedy documentary with Chris Rock interviewing various people about African American Hair.

10 mins into the documentary and we were on the phone with Rogers Video asking if we could return it for something else. Thankfully they allowed us to.

I can’t comment if the documentary is worth renting, because as I said I did not watch more than 10 min of it. If you’re interested in reading about the documentary you can visit goodhairmovie.net

Flicka 2

We returned ‘Good Hair’ and rented ‘Flicka 2’ featuring Patrick Warburton, Tammin Sursok and country legend Clint Black.

Flicka 2 is about is about a city “skater” girl name Carrie, that has to go live with her father on a horse ranch in Wyoming after her grandma who is her care giver takes ill.

If you didn’t see the first movie ‘Flicka’, it was about a girl named Katy who claims a wild, jet-black Mustang horse as her own to prove to her father that she is capable of one day taking over the family ranch.

The first movie ‘Flicka’ was actually pretty good. The 2nd one didn’t quite win me over.

In ‘Flicka 2,’ Keri is Katy’s cousin from the first movie ‘Flicka’ though it never shows Katy in the 2nd movie. It mentions that Katy is off to Veterinarian school and her uncle (Keri’s father is caring for Flicka. Confused yet? I was a little.)

Flicka 2 is your typical girly pre-teen family-friendly movie.

Have you seen any good movies lately?

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