Novelty Gift Ideas for Men

For mature audiences only.

So what kind of gift could you get a guy who has everything? How about one of these unique boob novelty items I found.

Giant Boob Stress Ball

Giant Stress Boob Stress Ball

Now he can squeeze away the stress of everyday life with this boob stress ball.




The perfect place for him to rest his tired head after a long day of work and relax his favorite tunes.

The soft padded boobs have a built in set of speakers that can be connected to an iPod, MP3 player, or computer with a headphone jack.

Grow your own Boobs

 Grow your own Boobs

Just place the boobs in water and watch them grow!


Touch Activated USB LED Boob Lamp

Boob Lamp

To make the lamp turn on, you brush the nipple. To turn it off, you brush the nipple again.

Boob Radio


The Boob Radio is a battery operated radio which requires 3 x AA Batteries. Gentleman, turn her on! Singing and talking boobs!

The Boob Tube Beer Funnel
Boob Tube Funnel

The Boob Tube Beer Funnel is a beer bong that he can suck his beer from.

Boobs Salt and Pepper Shaker

The Boobs Salt and Pepper Shaker is the perfect gift for the single bachelor. Though he may want to put them away when mom comes to visit.

Hanging Furry Boobs

Furry Boobs

Forget your Furry Dice, grab him some furry boobs.


Jingle Jugs Singing Dancing Boobs

Dancing Boobs

Fashioned after a lifelike set of woman’s breasts, when activated, “The Jingle Jugs Singing Dancing Boobs” begin to move in rhythmic motion. You can even record your own song or message.


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