Novelty gift ideas for her

Please note that this blog post contains topics of a mature nature and is not suitable for younger viewers. The content may also offend some adults.

I couldn’t have a novelty gift post for the men without having one for the women.

I bring to you novelty gift ideas for her. If you want to buy someone you know an unusual gift, consider one of these penis novelty gift ideas.

The Penis Vase (Shiva Flower Vase from Unica Home)

Penis Vase

Put some flowers in your penis.


Penis Beer Funnel

Dong Funnel

Drink your beer by way of a giant flesh toned penis.


The Penis Pillow

Would you like to purchase a fluffy pillow in shape of a penis?

Penis Soap
Penis Soap

Penis soap is an ideal gift for a bride to be. Showering will never be the same.


Dicky Dickhead

Dicky Dickhead

Did you enjoy playing with “Mr. Potato Head” as a child? Now comes Dicky Dick Head.

Penis Lamp

Penis Lamp

Be the talk of your neighborhood with a penis lamp. Designed by artist Atelier Van Lieshout.

Your thoughts?

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