Adult children living at home

Some people are self centered, cheap and have no problem freeloading off of others. Do you know someone like this? Is it your own child or significant other?

Freeloading: Should it be tolerated?

Did you know that according to statistics Canada, four million adult children aged 20 to 29 are still living at home with their parents.

My daughter has supported her twenty-eight year old mooching boyfriend for the nine months he’s lived with her. (Family members, as well as my husband and I expressed concern that he was taking advantage of her.)

She paid the biggest portion of their bills, including all the rent and bought most of the groceries. He contributed very little to the household finances.

(Did I mention that he has two jobs and his own business and is capable of contributing more to the household finances.)

When my daughter finally said enough was enough, and started asking for him to contribute more, he moved out of her apartment. (This abandonment and rejection hasn’t help my daughter’s disorder either.)

He’s now back at home with his parents where he doesn’t have to pay anything.

His mother stays up until he gets off work and has dinner prepared for him. She even does his laundry.

He has it made it clear that he will not be moving back in with my daughter anytime soon. (He can live at home and have mommy and daddy support him.)

I blame his parents for allowing this behavior to continue without putting a stop to it. All they have done is raise him to be a freeloader. Part of being an adult means paying your own way in life and he doesn’t want to do that.

Now don’t get me wrong. I have no problem with adult children living at home provided they are a contributing participant to the household.

There is also a difference between helping your children through what may be a difficult time, and allowing them to freeload off of you.


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I can’t help feel my daughter is wasting her life on a moocher who won’t change or grow up.

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