Sushi Popper

Move over push pop candy. Here comes Sushi Popper.

I was on Osprey Media the other day and I spotted a banner add for pop-up sushi in a tube. (

Sushi Popper
The pre-sliced sushi is pushed from the bottom and eaten from the top. The stick is also filled with soy sauce.

The sushi-poppers will store for a month in your freezer and come in a variety of flavors.

I wonder how popular this product will become? I can’t bring myself to eat sushi, so this won’t be something I’ll be trying.

If you do find yourself ordering some of the Sushi Poppers they come frozen on dry ice!


Personally I think the whole idea is a little strange, but this blog is full of strange inventions and to each their own. Your thoughts? Have you tried Sushi Poppers? Do you even like sushi?

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Speaking of sushi: Foodiggity has unveiled the world’s most expensive sushi. It costs more than $4,000. (Thanks Chris!)

Who would spend that much on sushi? I wouldn’t even spend that much on a meal.

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