Funny bathroom accessories

These funny novelty bath accessories can provide an entire new look to your bathroom, keep you entertained and have your company running for the door..

View with no children nearby please.

Potty Night Light


With this Potty Night Light you’ll never miss your target again! Endorsed by Wives Against Stray Wet Spots.

Anti-Slip Banana Peels

Slip No More Banana Bath Stickers

The Slip No More banana decals ads fun to your bathroom while preventing nasty slips in the shower.

Stuck Goldfish Fish Koi Bathtub Bath Tub Sink Drain Plug Stopper

Stuck Goldfish Fish Koi Bathtub Bath Tub Sink Drain Plug Stopper

What’s more fun that what resembles a giant goldfish stuck in your bathtub drain.

Hand Soap

handsoap™ set

Creep out your company with this hand made handsoap.

Source: foliage on Etsy

Shower Curtain

Talk about creepy, the Man with Knife Shower Curtain will have your company running from the bathroom. Has sound and is motion activated.

My Weigh FunWeigh

Funny Talking Bathroom Scales

A talking bathroom scale that not only tells you your weight, but it jokes about it too.

Comments like: “”You’re not big boned, you’re just fat.”

“Is someone on here with you?”

I’d be tossing the scale out the window.

Bittersweet Scale

Bittersweet Scale

Designed by Wendy Gold of Art de Toilette, this bathroom scale does not keep me from avoiding the chocolate. Instead it has me craving chocolate. You can buy this fun bathroom scale or have a custom one made by visiting

Don’t P Me Off Toilet Paper Holder


This is mean so mean, but funny. The Don’t P Me Off Toilet Paper Holder provides a single sheet of toilet paper, then forces you to unlock the puzzle before dispensing more.

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Remember the Shower Breasts Soap Dispenser? Well now they have a Penis Soap Dispenser

Penis Shampoo Dispenser

Penis Shampoo Dispenser

Fill up the penis-shaped shower dispenser with your favorite shampoo, or bath gel and enjoy. (Not in my bathroom.)

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