Dog left in Hot Vehicle

This is a post that I hope all dog owners will read.

Summer temperatures make a vehicle heat up fast. In just 10 minutes, the temperature inside your vehicle can reach 120 degrees or more.

You would think that anyone who has a dog would know better then to leave their dog in a vehicle in hot weather.

I had just came out of the dollar store this evening when a woman pulled up in Caravan SUV.

I noticed she had a full-grown lab in the front seat. The windows were up, and the air conditioning was on inside as she pulled into the parking space.

Then, she turned off the ignition, closed the doors without even rolling down the windows and and proceeded into the store with her young daughter.

I immediately called 911 and was dispatched through to an officer. I gave him the make, model and license plate of the vehicle. I told him how long she had been there and his reply was that perhaps she just ran in for a quick 30 secs and that they had the information. ( No officer showed. I tried to safe a life today by speaking out and was shunned.)

A couple of minutes is all it takes to claim the life of a dog.

I don’t know about you, but I have never been just 30 seconds in a store and especially in a dollar store. I normally have to stand in line for five or more minutes just to check out.

It was about fifteen min before the woman came out of the store, turned the air back on and drove away.

What this woman did is more than just carelessness and I wish people would realize how dangerous and deadly the act of leaving your dog in a hot car can be!

(I wonder how she’d feel if she were left in a car, windows rolled up, no air conditioning on, wearing a fur coat.)

Of course dogs don’t sweat like humans do. It only takes minutes for a dog to suffer severe brain damage, or even death.

I should print out some “Don’t Leave Me in Here — It’s Hot!” fliers to keep in our vehicle for the next time this happens.

Never, ever leave a dog in a parked vehicle in the summer!

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