New Google Image Search Design

I don’t do a lot of image searching, but I do use Google Image search from time to time. Yesterday I noticed a new design for Google Images and let me just say that the new Google image interface is terrible. Very disappointed! I prefer the old image search.

Google Image search now loads all the pages in a single view. Google Image Search displays up to 1,000 thumbnails per page. When you mouse over the image, Google shows a larger thumbnail on top of the web page and info about where the photo comes from.

When you click on an image it loads the new image view page with the hovering image.

You can get back to the old version of Google image search by scrolling to the very bottom of the page and clicking on “Switch to basic version.” You’ll of course have to do this every-time you use image search, which is a pain.

Old interface:

Pink laptops

New interface:

Pink laptops

What do you think? Do you like Google’s new image search?

I also noted more offensive images pulling up in Google image search.

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