Dog Wine in Dog Wine Glasses

There is nothing like having a glass of wine with a friend, especially when it is a four legged friend. I previously posted about a beer specifically made for dogs. Now comes a wine made specifically for dogs and thanks to Alice Wang your dog can enjoy their wine in their very own dog wine glasses.

Alice Wang’s Pet Plus – Wine Glasses for Dogs
Alice Wang Pet Plus Wine Glasses

Next time you feed your beloved dog, please make sure that he/she is dining in style. Share a glass of wine with your four legged friend.

Via Alice Wang Design You can contact Alice Wang about her products through her website.

Bark Vineyards- Wine for Dogs

Wine for Dogs

Bark Vineyards has made your four legged friend their very nonalcoholic “wine”. Now your beloved dog can enjoy a glass of Sauvignon Bark, which is a wonderful blend of chicken broth, spices and vegetables.

Source:Bark Vineyards

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