Friends versus Contacts

A comment regarding online friends got me thinking today. We all interact with numerous people daily, but how many of these people are actually our friend? I noticed lately that the word ‘friend’ is often used to describe the relationship people have online with others.

Just because you interact with a person online it does not necessarily make that person your ‘friend.’ Wouldn’t the word ‘contact’ or ‘follower’ or ‘fellow writer (blogger) be a better way to describe someone you interact with online?

Let’s look at Facebook. Facebook contacts are called friends, when in truth friends should be called contacts. Many of us only have a few friends on Facebook, but some of us have over 1000 contacts.

I think that we’ve gotten so wrapped up in social networking that we have forgotten what the real definition of the word ‘friend’ means.

What do you think? Do we toss around the word ‘friend’ to carelessly online? How would you define a close friend vs a contact?

Friends show their love in times of trouble. – Euripides

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