Japanese Watermelon

Is this what blogging has come to? I’m blogging about watermelon.

Today, August 3rd, is Watermelon Day. You may not know this, but watermelons come in all kinds of shapes.

Japan just how do your watermelons grow?

Square watermelon

First, let’s take a look at the square watermelon. Grown in Japan, each melon sells for 10,000 yen. (Equivalent to about $83.)


Last year a store in Fukuok sold heart-shaped watermelons. The heart-shaped watermelons were the invention of Hiroichi Kimura, and his wife. Apparently the watermelons were sold for a price of 15,750 yen. ($160)


Now comes pyramid-shaped watermelons created by a farm in Hokkaido. “The price of the pyramid watermelon is around 80000 yen.” (650 US Dollars.)

Watermelon Face

Last but not least I bring you face shaped watermelon. The face shaped watermelon will cost you $475 USD.

I think I’ll stick to my $1.99 watermelon

Portable Watermelon Cooler


Japan apparently loves watermelon so much that they have invented a watermelon cooler. You have to keep your watermelon cool. (Via geekstuff4u.com)

Health benefits of watermelon

Watermelon is filled with antioxidants, which help prevent variety of different diseases. (For additional information about the health benefits of watermelon, check out ‘The World’s Healthiest Foods.’

How many calories does watermelon have?

There are fewer that 50 calories in one cup of watermelon.

It’s Watermelon Day. Enjoy a a slice of watermelon.


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