Bikini Baristas

Sex sells once again.

Coffee baristas have found a new way to compete with Starbucks and they are using more than a cup of espresso to attract customers. Baristas across the US are having their female employees wear bikinis while serving coffee.

I think this entire bikini coffee approach is morally degrading to women. It says let’s sexualize the female body a little more and make as much money off it as we can.

(Thankfully, we have no sexpresso here.)

How do we teach our children that women are not sexual objects when we have bikini baristas opening across the US. This gives off the message that sexualized behavior by women is rewarded in our society.

Last year five bikini baristas were accused of prostitution after it was found that female employees were charging 80 dollars to let customers fondle them, and take erotic naked photos.

Can you imagine a coffee spill when you’re only wearing a bikini? Ouch! Any women want to go into business with me? We’ll open a male version of Hooters where male waiters serve in speedos and bow ties. Of course I’m joking as I’ve always thought the whole Hooters concept was ‘sexist’ and ‘degrading to women’ as well. (I’m anti-Hooters.)

Before the comments begin. My opinion on both Bikini Baristas and Hooters does not make me a prude.

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