Cellphones and Children

What age is an appropriate age for a child to have a cell phone?

Yesterday I watched a young girl text one of her friends from her own cell phone. The girl didn’t look more than 10. I couldn’t believe it. In my opinion, I think ten is too young to be texting on a cell phone.

Cell Phone Statistics

What do the statistics say about children and cell phones?

According to statistics 22 percent of young children ages 6-9 , 60 percent of tweens ages 10-14, and 84 percent of teens ages 15-18 own a cell phone.

A report published by Retrevo, which studies how people use gadgets in everyday life found the most popular age for a child’s first cell phone was between the age of 13 – 18 years with almost 61% of parents indicating the teenage years was the right time for a cell phone. (Retrevo.com -The Retrevo Gadgetology Report)

Personally I don’t think should be texting from a cell phone until they are at-least 14.

Should parents monitor their childrens cell phone use?

Child safety advocate, Parry Aftab, said, “Parents are totally clueless about what kids are doing on cell phones.”

While it is important to monitor what your child is doing on the computer, it is just as important to monitor what they are doing on their cell phone.

There are now cell phones specifically designed for children. The Firefly mobile phone and TicTalk allow parents to restrict who their children can call.

Should you buy your child’s cell phone?

I never purchased either of my children a cell phone. When my daughter wanted one we made her wait until she was in high school and working. We then allowed her to purchase a pre-paid cell phone.

Goodbye, land-line!

What ever happened to the land-line? I survived by using a land-line telephone when I was a teen. Oh, how times have changed.

Does your child have a cell phone? At what age did they get their cellphone?

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