Hospital Complaint

“We need to start treating the patient as well as the disease.” -Hunter Patch Adams:

On Thursday my husband and I spent 16 hours in hospital while his aunt underwent lumbar spinal sclerosis surgery.

When she was taken down for surgery we were told that we could wait in the operating waiting room. The room was small, and very over crowded, so we went back to the surgery registration office, where we were told that we could go up to the floor where she was to be taken after surgery.

The reception told us she’d let the surgical staff know of our whereabouts.

The surgery was estimated to take about 2 hours and then an hour in recovery. My aunt-in-law went into surgery at 11:15. She was not taken to her room until after 10:00 pm. She spent over 6 hours in recovery.

During this time my uncle-in-law asked several times when his wife would be brought to the floor. He was never given a clear answer by nursing staff. So we all waited nervously in anticipation wondering how the surgery went.

Mean while down on the surgical floor my aunt-in-law was told after she came to that her husband and family left and could not be found. The receptions failed to relay that she had sent us up to the 4th floor waiting room. My aunt-in-law suffers from anxiety, so of course her anxiety was worsened not knowing where her husband was.

The doctor never spoke to my uncle-in-law, because he didn’t know where we were.

Now I’m sure this was all just an unfortunate mishap, but the hospital also misplaced her breathing machine, which was later located.

The young male nurse that took her down for surgery was rude and one of the nurses on the floor acted as though my aunt-in-law was being a nuisance when he couldn’t find her proper breathing mask.

It just felt like the whole thing was a complete mess, and unorganized. They just treated her like she was a number and not a person.

Phew! Ok that’s enough venting.

Anyway, my aunt-in-law is now home from hospital and doing fine.

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